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Facebook Ads - Unlocking the Secrets

I'm teaching an in-person workshop at the Women's Center for Entrepreneurship in NJ 

Facebook makes it easy to press that Boost button or create a Facebook Ad, right? You want to promote your small business on Facebook, but you don't know what's important or what to focus on once you're on the paid side of it!  Or maybe you've created a few ads in the past but after spending that $$, you didn't get results.

If you need a roadmap for growing your business on Facebook, join us for an introductory workshop all about Facebook Advertising.

If you're attending, I want to know a few things about your time on Facebook so I can make sure to include content that helps you get results -->

Key Takeaways from this In-Person Workshop:

- What you need to have in place to start advertising

- Effective use of Messaging and Persuasion 

- How to use Visual Storytelling 

- How to Target your Best Customers

- Putting your first FB Ad together

Learn how to create effective and profitable Facebook Ads for your business.  For more information, details and registration, CLICK HERE