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Unlocking The Secrets To Facebook Ads

—> Join me and the local entrepreneurs and business owners of Believe Inspire Grow (B.I.G) South Orange and Maplewood NJ (SoMa) Pod as we break down the mystery of Facebook Ads.

How to (finally!) use the ad platform effectively so you can capture your core audience and grow your sales.

This is my second time presenting my work at Work and Play! If you’ve never been to this local co-working space, this is a great opportunity to check it out.

Workshop Location: Work and Play

Co-working Space

19 Prospect St.

South Orange, NJ

Key Takeaways from the workshop:

  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes when running ads 

  • The 5 things to have in place to run simple, cost-effective campaigns 

  • What's working well in Fall 2018 and best practices 

To register, sign up via this link to the event on Facebook

If you want to skip the workshop and need 1-1 support on your campaigns right now with either Ads strategy/setup or troubleshooting, book a 30min free consultation!

** Update!!**

What a great turnout we had!! I’m uploading the presentation slides here this weekend— check back……..soon!!

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A Talk on Facebook for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Share this, Not that!!  How to Post on your Facebook Business Page So You Can Create Easy and Simple Ads to Quickly Grow Your Audience.

Chester/Long Valley Pod meeting for Believe Inspire Grow

Wednesday., 5/9, 9:30am-11:00am

Toys With Love, Chester, NJ, 92 West Main Street

For more information, email sonali@splendidcircle.com

Proud to be on the 2018 Advisory Board of Believe Inspire Grow

Strategic Advisory Board (Digital Marketing Services)
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Set It and Forget It Sales Funnels

Join the Believe Inspire Grow (B.I.G) Millburn Pod ladies to learn all about how to create sales funnels that make it easy for your potential customers to find you!  When you have a quality sales funnel in place, you can be in and out of social media getting leads and back to enjoying your business.

Location: Sotheby's (555 Millburn Avenue, Short Hills, NJ)

We had a BIG turnout and lots of lovely faces at the Set It and Forget It Sales Funnel meeting at Sotheby's in Short HIlls, NJ Oct 6, 2017

We had a BIG turnout and lots of lovely faces at the Set It and Forget It Sales Funnel meeting at Sotheby's in Short HIlls, NJ Oct 6, 2017

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Grow your Local Referral Network with Facebook

Get your local business friends and referral partners to promote or support your business on Facebook - Sequence your posts to get your local referral partners to take action - Create posts that establish your business as a local leader and the go-to business in your industry.

Location: Church of The Precious Blood (72 Riverdale Ave, Monmouth Beach, NJ)

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Facebook Advertising 101 Workshop for Women Leaders & Business Owners

👉🏽 If you're adding FB Ads to your marketing mix in 2017
👉🏽 If you're interested in 🔼 your brand awareness (local & global)
👉🏽 If you're looking for a niche audience
👉🏽 If you're ready to bring targeted traffic to your sales funnel
👉🏽 If you want to extend your reach beyond your personal network
👉🏽 If you're lost about where to start or how much to spend

or 👉🏽 If you want to use FB Ads to create political change

Then I invite you to join our diverse group of women to take their business/passion to the next phase.  

CLICK HERE for the event on Facebook

CLICK HERE to register now

I've been running FB Ads for local and global clients over the last 18 months and I incorporate best practices, strategy and project management into my business & brunch workshops. I'd love to have you join our group!

~Leads and Lattes~
Facebook Ads 101 Workshop + Brunch

You'll learn:
- How to create a sequence of ad campaigns to grow your local brand awareness
- How to create engaging ads by learning best practices in sizing, images and messaging
- Learn about what matters to grow your ROI and how to keep your ad spend low
- 3 C's formula for content ideas that help you connect with your target audience
- Do's and Don'ts of FB Ads to avoid getting your account shut down

You'll have all your questions answered such as:
- Am I paying too much for leads on Facebook?
- How much money should i spend every month?
- Should I run FB Ads or should I hire a marketing agency?

Leave the workshop with the confidence and clarity to start effectively promoting your business beyond your personal network so you can bring in quality leads and sales through Facebook.

9-9:30am Light Breakfast and Networking
9:30-11:45am Workshop Content
11:45-12:30pm Look over my shoulder as I create and run a real ad campaign
12:30-1pm Light lunch, Networking and Celebratory drinks

 (Brunch+Drinks included)

Friday May 19th

Cafe Monet
309 Millburn Ave
Millburn, NJ

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Local Millburn, Short Hills, South Orange, West Orange NJ based Women Entrepreneurs in attendance at my Facebook Advertising Workshop (Leads and Lattes)

Local Millburn, Short Hills, South Orange, West Orange NJ based Women Entrepreneurs in attendance at my Facebook Advertising Workshop (Leads and Lattes)

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Facebook Ads - Unlocking the Secrets

I'm teaching an in-person workshop at the Women's Center for Entrepreneurship in NJ 

Facebook makes it easy to press that Boost button or create a Facebook Ad, right? You want to promote your small business on Facebook, but you don't know what's important or what to focus on once you're on the paid side of it!  Or maybe you've created a few ads in the past but after spending that $$, you didn't get results.

If you need a roadmap for growing your business on Facebook, join us for an introductory workshop all about Facebook Advertising.

If you're attending, I want to know a few things about your time on Facebook so I can make sure to include content that helps you get results -->    bit.ly/FBAdsClass

Key Takeaways from this In-Person Workshop:

- What you need to have in place to start advertising

- Effective use of Messaging and Persuasion 

- How to use Visual Storytelling 

- How to Target your Best Customers

- Putting your first FB Ad together

Learn how to create effective and profitable Facebook Ads for your business.  For more information, details and registration, CLICK HERE

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Basking Ridge B.I.G. Pod Meeting Presentation: The 5 Key Elements of a Profitable Facebook Ad for Small Businesses

Come join the ladies of B.I.G. Basking Ridge and Sonali Pundalik.


Sonali will lead us in a discussion on "The 5 Key Elements of a Profitable Facebook Ad for Small Businesses" Promoting your business through Facebook Ads can be a powerful part of your marketing mix. Whether you want to use them to promote your business this season or next year, understanding the basics of how these ads work on the most popular social media platform is a must for today's small business owners.


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Live Webinar- Thursday October 13th

We're so excited to present a webinar with TAPinto, a network of local online news sites, one of our new clients!

Have you heard of TAPinto? If you're in NJ or NY then you've probably seen this growing local online news platform deliver news about your local town's happenings, sports and everything else!  They are growing and looking for inspired local entrepreneurs who are READY to bring TAPinto local online news to their own community!

Get ready for a lowdown on this proven business model that works with your busy lifestyle and lets you give back to your community!

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Featured Speaker at NJWMA Convention in Atlantic City

I'll be giving a talk titled, "Generating Sales through Social Media for Small and Medium Sized Businesses for the Movers Industry" at the Annual NJWMA Convention in Atlantic City in October.  

I'm so grateful to Karen Mantzouranis of Main Street Movers and Cindy Myers of Ridgewood Moving Services for inviting me to share my work with this wonderful association.  Splendid Circle had a successful Lunch and Learn webinar series in April for the association and we look forward to building on what we covered.  We're going to take it to the next level at the convention and focus on SALES Processes and Content Marketing.  I'll be adding blog posts and videos here to capture this industry event!

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