We Enjoy Working with The Marketing Teams in the Luxury/Resort Space, Legal Services, Consumer Products, Startups, Industry Associations, Niche Consulting and more..

Splendid Circle- a few of our clients (law firms, pharmaceuticals, automotive, health & wellness, startups, trade associations, insurance/financial institutions and e-commerce products)

Few of Our Clients:

Facebook Ads Strategy and Management for Startup

Michael Shapiro, CEO, Local Online Newspaper

"Sonali has been a great Facebook Ads strategist and manager for growing TAPinto's exposure on Facebook for the rapidly expanding territories in our hyperlocal franchised online news network.  She created an effective content marketing strategy for us that included blog posts and "interest audiences".  The targeted FB ads and Instagram campaigns she created and managed have increased my company's audience for investing and establishing new TAPinto franchises across New Jersey and New York.  The combination of Facebook ads, Instagram and email marketing has boosted our reach, while attracting real leads for prospective franchisees for my company.  Everything was accomplished within an affordable budget.  She has also been a great team player, working seamlessly with my staff and many franchisees."

VIP Private Coaching

Amy Solarz, Stylist

"Deciding to work with Sonali was the best business decision I could have made.  She is so knowledgeable but also extremely personable and great at sharing her knowledge.  Before I met her, I was overwhelmed with what I needed to do to get paying clients.  Working with her has probably saved me years of trial and error not to mention the money I would've wasted investing in the wrong things.  She helped me figure out how to create a business that attracts the kind of clients that are right for me.  Through her process, I was able to find and use my voice to create an authentic brand.  I now have the tools and confidence to grow a profitable and sustainable business that works with my lifestyle and inspires me every day."

Facebook Marketing and Ads Training

Jen Miller, Head of Brand Transformation and Consumer Experience


"Thank you Splendid Circle for an awesome group training session.  Sonali, you did a great job to provide a Facebook marketing overview as well as tactical instruction on how to develop effective Facebook ads.  Our team enjoys a nearly 30 year age span with a combo platter of many different work experiences under our belts and you were able to reach us all.  As we grow our program, we look forward to creating and testing, creating and testing and then creating and testing some more.  Nobody ever said this would be easy, but you helped us make sense of the entire process. Thanks so much."

Facebook Ads Consulting

Mihaela Telecan DVM, MS, RD, Personal Nutrition Coach

"I had a great experience working (virtually!) with Sonali on my Facebook Ads campaign to launch my new nutrition program that starts in 2 weeks.  She connected the dots for me in the power editor and came up with the right targeting strategy for my health and wellness niche.  The campaign quickly brought new leads to my Facebook business page, registrations for my webinar and actual sales of my program!  She provided support day and night over the course of 10 days with valuable insights in the ads strategy, creation and monitoring process.  She also helped me with ongoing copy for the supporting landing pages and email letters to my list.  Basically, she held my hand and provided support throughout the process to ensure a successful campaign and launch.  I highly recommend working with her. Thank you Sonali!!

Splendid Circle Group and Private Coaching

Corinne Datchi PhD, Psychologist

"Splendid Circle gave me the business tools I was missing to market my services. With Sonali’s help, I was able to articulate the value of the products I offer. I also greatly benefited from the support I received from the other participants in the Circle. Sonali is very skilled at creating a sense of community, which is essential to the growth of single-member businesses."

Nadege Nicoll,  Children's Author and Owner of The Book House in Millburn, NJ  


"Working with Sonali was like switching the light on! After a few sessions with her, I was able to gain a lot of clarity on what I needed to do to expand my business. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and charisma are only a few items on her long list of qualities. But the most important thing to me was how Sonali took all the various aspects of today’s entrepreneurship, and tied everything together, in a way that made perfect sense: from product development, to social media, what I need to do and how I need to do it became obvious. There is no more fog in the direction I need to take. After sitting with Sonali, I am developing new product lines alongside my books and am working on redefining my business’ unique identity. The work isn’t done, far from it, but now the road is clear and the journey exciting."

Lisa Brittan, Art Gallery Owner

FullSizeRender (10).jpg

"Working with Sonali was a pleasure because she's very knowledgable in revenue generating opportunities through digital technology and offers an array of proven strategies to get there. She eliminated the clutter and noise and provided a path through multiple systems that helped me apply the right tools for my goals.  As a direct result of Sonali's Instagram training in the social media module, I was able to identify and connect with a new artist within a few days that will lead to additional revenue for my business. Using her materials and through the work we did in the Circle, I came up with two new exciting business opportunities that are directly aligned to my skills and experience and have real unmet demand!"


Martha Singer, Art Conservator

"I strongly recommend working with Sonali if you are developing or wanting to grow your business.  She has done thorough research and designed a course with proven methods to efficiently use social media, tweak your website, and other digital marketing tools for creating an income producing business.  She has applied these techniques to her own online projects.  Her course is structured so that you can invest your precious time into what matters: your business and the products or services you are passionate about. I started with vague ideas, and she helped me define them and think outside the box.  Her strategies have given me a clear path to move forward and bring in more business and revenue. I learned about which social media is best suited to my business and style so I can target my niche audience and accomplish my goals.  I now have a step-by-step plan to increase my monthly revenue. Through Splendid Circle, I connected with a group of very bright, thoughtful women who, with Sonali’s help, are also accomplishing their goals.  The brain storming sessions we had were very useful to all of us even though we have very different businesses."



Jessica Mester, Youth Orchestra Director 

"I just finished Splendid Circle's 6 week digital marketing course with Sonali. I went in only knowing about Facebook for my own personal use. I came out of this course with knowledge on how to grow my business with not only Facebook, but with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and a specially selected set of tools and techniques that will help me reach the target demographics that I will need to reach my revenue goals and potential growth. The classes are kept small, so not only do you get individual attention, you are able to share ideas with one another, and stay focused with your best interests in mind without being overwhelmed.  I would highly recommend Splendid Circle if you are starting a business or wanting your current business to grow."