Should you Learn Facebook Ads or Get Someone Else to Do Them For You?


These days, everyone and their dentist is talking about Facebook Ads. Am I right? 

If you're a business owner using Facebook, then you've probably seen quite a few people pop into your newsfeed talking about them.  Many of them are probably even bragging about them.  All this noise makes you wonder if all these stories are actually true.  Could they work for your business too? 

The truth is, Facebook is growing every month with new users and existing users are using it more frequently.  The company is also rolling out new features all the time to remove competition and keep their users glued to the platform.  

If you're a business owner who's already identified that your potential customers are hanging out of Facebook, then there's never been a better time than now to reach them! 

Having said that, organic traffic for business owners has gone down over the last few years.  This can be discouraging.  Back in the day, posts would reach almost everyone who liked your Page.  But now, with so many monthly users and pressure to grow their revenue, Facebook is nudging business owners towards a pay-to-play model.  

So what's a responsible business owner using Facebook supposed to do? There's no denying that today they just can't afford to ignore or avoid Facebook Ads.

So, now that you thinking about running them for your business, do you really want the hassle of learning something new? I mean, there's already SO much you're doing for your business every day. 

If you're not interested in the hassle, do you want a marketing agency to do them? You've been down this route before and marketing agencies can get pricy and without any guaranteed results. How the heck do you figure out which choice to make?

The first step is to be absolutely sure you want to go down this advertising path. Talk to a few Facebook Ads experts and marketing agencies and see if they're all saying the same thing. Many marketing agencies, digital marketers and Facebook Ads experts offer free mini consultations to discuss whether you're business is ready for Ads.

I offer Facebook Ads as a service and I've run ads for local and global clients over the last 3 years.  Over that time, I've learned a lot of short cuts and tips to get different types of ad campaigns to work and produce results. For newbies, you'll realize it takes some time to figure out your audience and craft messages that bring them to your business.

Facebook Ads are most effective when they are implemented as part of an overall sales funnel or customer journey.  Make sure your agency provides consultation on sales funnels for you in connection to your ads.  There's no sense running ads without a bigger goal or picture!

While there's no magic formula for a successful ad, a combination of the right message, the right targeting, the right imaging and the right offer from a business that has their branding and positioning nailed typically get better results.

As a revenue growth consultant, I'm passionate about teaching business owners how to use digital marketing to bring more targeted traffic to their business.  

I'm also focused on empowering women business owners so I'm having my first in-person Facebook Advertising 101 Workshop in Millburn, NJ on May 19th! It's called Leads and Lattes (Event over).  

If you've been looking for guidance and insights into how to get Facebook Ads to work for you, I'd love to have you join our diverse group of women. You'll leave with the confidence and clarity to start promoting your business beyond your network through Facebook.  

If you're ultimately going to hand off Facebook Ads to a marketing agency, it's SO important to be educated on advertising on social media and really understand what the agency is doing for you and how they're using your ad dollars.  This way, you can make an informed decision about the services you purchase and you're not surprised when you get an invoice from them!