Event Recap: Leads and Lattes- Facebook Advertising 101 for Women Leaders and Business Owners

Last week, I hosted a half-day training workshop for an inspiring group of go-getter women in my local area who are ready to take their business to the next level! We ate, learned, drank, laughed and ate some more. This is the way we do workshops at Splendid Circle ☺️.

Although this class was called Leads and Lattes, we just HAD to pop a bottle and celebrate all the new leads these women have coming their way!  Aaannnd, this workshop was the culmination of two years of business for me as a solopreneur.  

Two amazing years of getting to work with purpose-driven women growing their unique businesses in their own authentic way.  So, to celebrate all that, we had put the lattes aside for a moment and pop the bubbly! 

In the spring of 2015, a few weeks before I created the beta test of my group coaching program (that turned into Splendid Circle), I went to a business conference for women in Dallas.  Prior to that weekend in Texas, I was on my own trying to make sense of my journey as a business owner.  Many of my friends weren't ready for business online and didn't really understand what I was doing.  That conference brought everything together for me.

Sure, I'd taken the best online courses and I was a part of great Facebook groups.  But as we all know, there's nothing like meeting people face to face and having those meaningful conversations and ideas.  

Quite simply, that weekend changed my life. I connected with inspiring women entrepreneurs from all over the world who were next to me seeking the same answers together!  I met web designers, life coaches, online course creators, software developers, social media experts, nutritionists, speaking coaches and many more. I made so many new friends and business buddies.  Since that conference, we've stayed connected (through Facebook!), provided feedback to each other, bought each others programs, cheered each other on for speaking gigs and so much more!

Fast forward to last Friday. I witnessed the same thing happening for the women who attended my first Leads and Lattes event.  Most of the women didn't know each other.  But by the end of the four hours, they were sharing, connecting and planning future collaborations.  

When you have a dream for your life and business, it takes a decision to say you're going to make it happen.  You have to take that first step outside of your comfort zone and towards your goals.  

That first step is realizing you want to pursue your dream, invest in yourself and that you're ready.  Luckily, these women decided to take that step and made it happen.  These are the decision-makers I love meeting through my business.  As I sipped my glass of champagne that afternoon, I enjoyed Splendid Circle having its little moment.

Back to the event! Leads and Lattes was an event all about getting started with Facebook Advertising.  But learning advertising isn't the final goal.  The real goal for all of these women was to find additional sources of digital traffic to bring to their sales funnels.  A sales funnel is the engine your business has in place to take cold traffic and convert them to warm leads. Getting traffic to sales funnel is what ultimately makes FB Ads extremely powerful right now. 

We discussed the role of Facebook and why it's important for women like us to be involved.  The internet is still very young.  One of my missions through my business is to empower women (especially Moms) with digital strategy and know-how so they can build profitable businesses and help shape the internet for the next generation.  Listen, it's either us or a bunch of young guys in Silicon Valley. We need to be in there and staking our claim!

If you're interested in attending the next Leads and Lattes event or another one of my upcoming business workshops (local or online), join the waitlist.  

I want to thank attendee and talented photographer, Tatyana Ali for taking these amazing shots of us and making everyone so comfortable with their headshots and the event photos.