5 Ways to Quickly Grow your Local Audience and Find Leads for your Small Business on Facebook

"I already have a great referral network! I'm not really sure Facebook is right for my business"

"I use Facebook to keep in touch with my family and friends. I don't really feel comfortable talking about my business there.."

I hear this all the time! If you're a local business owner, you probably have a great local referral marketing system working for you.  You may have a great set of referral partners and other businesses who frequently send business your way through the Chamber of Commerce, BNI or other networking groups. Your referral partners have typically known you for a long time, they know the great service you provide and they can trust that you'll take care of those they send your way. However, with the rise of social media (particularly Facebook) marketing, you may be wondering if it's worth your time engaging in this new area.  Is it possible to grow your local customer referral network further on Facebook?  The answer is YES.

The latest data shows there are nearly 500 million users on Facebook every single month so your future (local) customers are there too. So far, local businesses like real estate agents, nutritionists, physical therapists, lawyers, dentists, landscapers, interior designers and more are increasingly making Facebook one of their biggest channels of incoming LOCAL leads.  Why would you want to leave all that potential business ($$) on the table?  The data and the real life examples show that it's time to get real and get your local business the online exposure it deserves so you're on the fast track to getting more local customers! 

Here are 5 ways to quickly grow your local target audience and find leads for your small business on Facebook:

1. [Show Up] When you establish your business presence on Facebook, you're sending customers, partners and competitors a SIGNAL that you're on it! You want to communicate that you're on top of your marketing.  So, set up that Facebook Business Page and fill out all the information about your business like website, email address, hours, phone number, address that the page accommodates. If it's appropriate for your business, it's also possible to put in standard prices for your most common services, testimonials from happy customers and a call-to-action for them to call now or learn more about your services.  Consider this your business home on Facebook. Get existing Facebook friends who are aligned with your business to like your Page.  Here's a tutorial to getting your FB business page fighting ready!

2. [Tell your Story] If you're new to this step and don't know how to create content for Facebook, think about the CONVERSATIONS you have with your existing customers and business partners.  You can share those same business stories that you tell when you're meeting folks in person at local networking meetings like the Chamber of Commerce or BNI.  It will take some time to feel comfortable sharing your stories and finding your voice on the platform, but it's important to start sooner than later.  As your stories appear online, you'll start getting attention and find a much bigger audience looking at it. So, it's like having a much bigger Chamber of Commerce or BNI meeting!

3. [Get Friendly] Grow your list of friends on Facebook.  Consider becoming Facebook friends with your office team members, business partners and past customers if you connected well.  These days, customers use Facebook to help them quickly check on a local business owner they are interested in.  Also, business owners use the platform to boost their KNOW-LIKE-TRUST. Potential customers routinely check out business owners to see who they know in common to establish trust in working together.  By adding more friends, you have more people who will like your business page and share their engagement with their Facebook friends and family.  It's a great way to multiply the impact without additional work!  If you're not comfortable being Facebook friends with business partners and business colleagues, you can set up lists to keep your private photos restricted to close friends and family.  Here are instructions on how to create different lists for sharing on Facebook.

4. [Grow Traffic] Create a mini-business blog to your website to and deliver unique and valuable content so you can bring traffic to your website from Facebook.  Take a few hours and map out interesting headlines for 5-7 blog posts. Depending on how often you decide to blog, this brainstorming session will take care of 1-2 months of content. Blogs can drive your website's SEO and help potential customers learn more about how you view your business. Additionally, a blog post is a great way to drive cold traffic off of Facebook and to your website to create a warm audience. 

5. [System and Support] You can bypass all the above and join Boost Camp!  I just launched this program to help small businesses looking for local customers. If you're new to Facebook marketing or your posts aren't getting noticed (as in very small reach and Page fans), then this program is right for you.  Here's a snapshot of some of the modules..

Don't do what everyone else does by posting anything and everything to see what sticks! Boost Camp gives you a solid system that helps you get super clear on the who/what/why of your local customer, create attention-grabbing posts that get you a double-take in their newsfeed and boost those posts the RIGHT way so you can start generating local leads and growing your business.

Finally, the most valuable part of the program is getting support in our private FB group community where you'll join other local business owners who are also trying to grow their leads.  Stop doing it alone and get the SYSTEM and SUPPORT to finally grow your local customer this year. 

Since launching a few weeks ago, we have an amazing group of local businesses enrolled already.  There's a landscaper, a food blogger, a non-profit, a personal stylist, a yoga teacher, an executive coach, an insurance agent and more.  We would love to have you in our community! 

If you have any questions about whether Boost Camp is right for your business needs, send me an email to boostcamp@splendidcircle.com

If you want to talk about another solution for your business from one of the other options above, send me an email (sonali@splendidcircle.com)

Here's to growing your business in 2017!