Optimize Your Content: 3 Things to Nail Before Each Blog Post or Social Media Update

We all know that generating leads for your business and building brand awareness takes a lot of work. You get pulled in so many different directions. But it's more important than ever to step back for a moment of reflection before each posting opportunity. 

Far too often, I see posts that have nothing to do with the business described in the profile.  Hey, it's fine to include photos of your family but only if it drives the message of your brand further.  No one knows you on social media so pictures with your kids or your pets aren't as useful in communicating what you're all about.  I know, I know people have different opinions on this topic. But your potential customers have already filtered through so many images, videos, text before they get to your post. And even after they filter through, they will take about a millisecond or two before they decide to stay or hightail it out.  

Make it easier to discover you!  When I work with my clients on content marketing, we do the pre-work together to make sure there's a strategy for all posts and updates.  It's about being on brand.  Knowing what your customers are looking for and providing the appropriate content (either visual, social or community) in a consistent way is one of the most important parts of your overall social media strategy.  

So, as you make your next post, ask yourself the following:

1. What are they taking away from of this?  Is the post telling them something they don't already know about your business?  Every single blog you post, the article you share and comments you make have the potential to convey pieces of your bigger message. Think about that for a bit before you start typing or uploading an image. Is there value and insight you can offer that they can use in their own work? Does it help them make a decision about your services.  Is there something new expressed that can help them connect with you and your story better. 

2. How are you sharing it? Are you maximizing the impact of each post? Is the image and text combination the very best it can be. If you don't know, ask a few buddies for their opinions before you post. Do the same for them. Using tools like Picmonkey or Canva have leveled the playing field for all of us and made it so so easy to create swoon-worthy images to pair up with our content.  The post or update should be sharable, likable, and commentable to boost engagement with your brand. Can you tag people relevant to the post to bring in even more people to the party? Hashtags! Do you have a list of relevant hashtags that your ideal customers might be using for their questions.

3. Does it make them want to take action?   Any time you take the effort to make a post, there should be a takeaway for your audience. It needs to be actionable.  If they like what they see, they will want more.  Capture their email addresses with a subscribe box call or take some time to create a super useful lead magnet that gets them a sense of what you offer.  Do you already have a lead magnet or a freebie that will give them a sense of what your bigger offerings might be?  Test it and make sure it's irresistable!

So tell me, how do your posts or updates measure up? Are you getting the most reactions to your actions? Leave me questions/comments and share what's worked for you. 

Splendidly yours,