Facebook Ads Case Study: Using Valuable Content and Clear Messaging to Generate High Quality Leads for a Niche Health Coach's Webinar

Right now, Facebook Ads are a powerful tool to get your product or service in front of the right customer.  But many people don't understand how they work and what they involve.  So, this is the first of my series of posts to demonstrate that when done right, this hot tool can be a super effective way to increase online sales and generate quality leads for your business.

My client, a health and wellness coach based in Northern Florida, was inspired to create a 5-week online wellness course to help those struggling with health issues end their year on a high note. When we had talked a while back, she mentioned she had tried Facebook Ads before but they didn't give her the results she was looking for.  

So my first step was to pull apart her previous campaigns and come up with ways to tighten up her overall message.  I spent time revamping her copy on her registration and sales pages to more clearly represent her service value.  Then I searched for more compelling images.  With these two items straightened out, I was confident the campaign would reveal so much more about her unique offering and attract those elusive ideal customers. 

Next, it was time to laser focus on her target audience.  This part of the work can be a rabbit hole for many so it's important to ask the right questions to use audiences (custom or lookalike) and influencer targets that are the right match for the campaign goals.  

As beneficial as her program was, we hit a big obstacle.  Facebook is very strict about rules and requirements around the type of words you can use about the benefits of health and wellness coaching.  Health coaches risk having their account closed down if they don't abide by these rules.  Because of this, we had to take a creative approach to ensure a successful campaign.  All while keeping the budget down to $10/day.

The Approach

1. Create a webinar ad to attract those interested in learning more about her specific health expertise and sign up for her program. 

2. Use split testing to see what combinations would work best with particular audiences.  To do this, I created graphic and video based ads and chose target audiences that were more likely to click on her ad.

The Solution

We realized that even if the ad brings you new customers, the only way to convert them and get them to sign on to your offering is by crafting a registration page that delivers.  From the ad to the registration page, it should be a clear and logical process that reflects the offering they first saw in their newsfeed.  If there's any confusion at this step, bam!  The customer is disconnected and clicking outta there!  

So, we spent time making sure the copy and communication between the ad and registration page was clear and easy.  In addition to describing their takeaways from the webinar, she also sent all confirmed webinar registrants one of her premium recipes.

The Results

The campaign lasted for 3 days and exceeded our expectations. New leads were coming in consistently and we knew our targeting was on the mark.  We also saw users liking and sharing the ad or dark post which created positive engagement. This drove the ad's relevance score up to 9/10 and reduced costs per lead.  In the end our cost per lead was $2.15 which was well below industry standards for this particular type of niche offering.  

The webinar with all her new potential customers was jam-packed with value and then she also discussed how they could apply what they learned in her signature program.  With the know like trust factor boosted in the webinar, she quickly secured new sign-ups for her premium priced program following her webinar.

Finally, during her campaign, in addition to signups, her ad was shared widely and led to almost 150 new likes to her FB business page. An added bonus!

Key Learnings

1. Good content makes it easy for people to click.  Create a clear path from ad to registration page to your offering. It makes it easy for the user and boosts the highly sought after know-like-trust factor.

2. You don't need too many targets in your campaign. If you find the right audiences or pages to target, it becomes easy peasy and you get more than enough quality leads.

If you liked this case study and you want me to create similar results for your business with Facebook Ads, let's hop on a call and see if we're a good fit for each other.