Let me guess..

Your products or services have been doing well overall and even turning a nice profit.

However, marketing these days has become a headache and a roller coaster ride with some months doing really well and other months, well, crickets.

It's a feast or famine way of life. You're stretching yourself thin doing anything and everything that people are telling you you're SUPPOSED to do.

You're posting constantly on Facebook, Twitter or the latest hot social media platform. But you're getting no real engagement, let alone actual leads.

Just imagine.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have consistent business growth and revenue every month? To have someone sit with you and show you what's important and how to create systems that you set up once and then they do the work for you?

And how would you feel if you had a solid plan for developing meaningful relationships with your ideal customers for not just right now but for the LONG haul? Fans who love what you do and can't wait for your product to come out. An eager audience cheering you on for MORE.



Digital Marketing Strategy Agency NJ

Hi there!

I'm Sonali, a Creative Business Strategist.

I started my career as an engineer in the pharmaceutical industry working in development and project management.  Although I was glad to use the skills I had learned in college, I reached a point where I had a calling to use my engineering and analytical skills in a creative way. It was time to leave the corporate world behind and finally EXPLORE.

I started by helping a local "kids activity" startup get off the ground and online.  I helped brainstorm ideas, tested potential paths and came up with lots of process flowcharts.  I researched competition, networked within the startup community to find partners and helped them come up with a business model that set them ahead of their competition. Soon, I was conducting in-person market research by visiting and engaging with potential customers and partners to see if the product had real demand and could, infact, succeed. Then I created website requirements, specifications and interviewed/negotiated with a filtered set of web development companies to select the one that was right for each project.  I loved working on so many different aspects of the operation and getting an innovative business off the ground and thriving. 


Next, I became interested in how solopreneurs were making a dent in the global digital economy.  I combined my love of wellness and preventive medicine with technology and created a food blog.  I developed the website on Wordpress.org and learned everything I could about building and maintaining the front and backend, google analytics, bringing ad revenue to the site and leveraging social media to build and nurture a targeted following.  I also networked locally and regionally to find collaborations and additional revenue opportunities.  There was so much to absorb and I was having the best time!  But I looked around and saw that most of my friends and local business owners in my community were left out and potentially losing out a big bite out of this HUGE global pie. So, this is where the idea of Splendid Circle was born.


We offer 1-1 consulting and  group coaching programs that offer the right balance of knowledge, community, support and accountability needed to accelerate and get BIG results.  We select easy to follow systems that give you the foundation, clarity and tools to take advantage of modern marketing opportunities.  This was exactly the kind of blueprint I was looking for when I was starting out.  Through the Circle and the 1-1 private consultations, I share the strategies I used, the tactics I incorporated, the mistakes I made and the insights I've gained over the last several years. 


Today, Splendid Circle is a boutique, data-driven digital marketing agency that helps high-growth businesses to understand their evolving customer needs and streamline their customer's journey to grow engagement, loyalty and revenue through best practice outreach, data analytics, campaign execution and project management.

We've helped businesses in consumer health, luxury resort industry, insurance, health & wellness, retail operations, industry associations, law firms, consulting firms and more.

We offer expertise in positioning strategies, product/service development, blending of online/offline marketing options, sales funnel design/implementation, Facebook/Google advertising, content marketing, customer messaging, social media RoI, market research as well as selection/adoption of marketing automation tools.





My clients have gotten great results from our programs.

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