Get ready.

There's an opportunity right now, unlike any other time in history, to find your ideal customers and serve them in your own unique way. 

Imagine connecting and building meaningful relationships every single day.  Using clear and simple strategies to showcase your services and/or products that gets them to know, like and trust you now and for the long haul.


No more overwhelm with the noise or confusion about which social media platform to use 

No more signing up for a digital "expert" email list just because of their huge (unfocused) followership

No more crickets at your next product or service launch

No more decision paralysis about what to do first and/or what to do next

No more visitors coming to your site and then hightailing it out at first sight



Join us in the Circle, we've got you covered!



Sonali is a NYC area based digital strategist. She created Splendid Circle to empower entrepreneurs and growing businesses with claritycustomized strategy and meaningful connection. These clients want to establish their own unique and successful online storefront in a noisy digital marketplace.

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Innovative group coaching and 1-1 private consulting services to accelerate your growth so you can skip the overwhelm and create meaningful services and products for your ideal clients (yes! they're out there).

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A Few of our Clients:

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